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Dear Mother Nature,

The tale of the year 2020 was a disaster, and the disaster continues to this day.

Our Mother Earth is facing major challenges such as climate change, deforestation, wildfire burns, and pandemic crisis.

I pledge to swear loyalty to Mother Earth, who sustains us.

I pledge to preserve, honor, maintain and restore all of our plant and animal life and their ecosystem from demolition.

I pledge to protect our earth by reusing old items, reducing the waste I make, and recycling the materials I use.

I pledge to make every day earth day and remember that we must protect our home for all of the people and animals that live on earth.

I hereby also pledge to do a bit to save the earth and restore the circle of life.

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Mother Nature a.k.a. Mother Earth is a Greco-Roman personification of nature that embodies the life-giving and caring qualities of nature in the form of a Mother. Mother Earth is so compassionate and sweet. If we just allow her the opportunity, she can overcome all in utter abundance and elegance. As we united against Covid-19 on Earth Day, let us cultivate our mother earth for a stronger and healthier tomorrow.

Our Mother Earth is actually dealing with a slew of environmental issues. Extreme warming, acid rain, air emissions, urban sprawl, waste management, ozone layer degradation, water pollution, climate change, and other environmental issues concern every person, animal, and country on the earth.

Over the past few decades, our planet's exploitation and environmental destruction have increased at an unprecedented pace. As a result of our failure to safeguard the earth, natural hazards such as flash flooding, hurricanes, blizzards, tsunamis, and cyclones have become more common.

During the tragedy of Covid-19 in 2020, Nature discovered a way to enable Earth to reclaim its missing resources.

Our Lifelines- Rivers: The soil of the Ganga, which could not be washed despite wasting crores of rupees, is now cleaner than ever since no hazardous waste is allegedly spilled in it. According to a study in the Hindustan Times, the Ganga could be cleaner today than it was in 1986 when attempts to clean the river were first launched. The Yamuna is in a similar situation. A healthier Yamuna is evident as a result of a blanket reduction in industrial pollution and improved discharge of water from Haryana to Delhi, according to these claims. Both of these aspects also improved the river's self-purification capability.

Clear Skies: With almost no car traffic on the highways, most of India's metro cities are breathing in much healthier air with considerably lower levels of pollution to contend with, comparison to before the lockout. Metro cities have registered ‘satisfactory' AQI levels, and those who have battled smog in Delhi-NCR can attest to this at any time!

Himalayas: For the first time in decades, people in Jalandhar (Punjab) will see the Himalayas from their rooftop! The lockout has reduced air pollution to the point that people in Punjab can see the Himalayas from some of its towns. The Himalayan range is more than 100 miles away from Punjab, and when it was discovered, it took us by surprise!

"Sooner or later, we will have to recognize that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans."

- Evo Morales

Taking control of the environment is critical to our well-being. The Earth gives us the opportunity to find harmony in our life on a daily basis, which is essential in the juggling act that is becoming a working mom. Grounding colors on the Earth's crust are greens and browns. Protecting our mother planet and its ecosystem is important because it provides us with food and water to support existence. Our well-being is entirely dependent on this world, which provides food and water to all living beings, and it is our duty to protect it. Mother Earth's protection begins with us.


Fifteen easiest options for a Happier and more Beautiful Mother Earth are:

1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Reduce the amount of waste you generate. Conserve natural resources and landfill space by following the three "R's."

2. Volunteer: Participate in environmental cleanups through volunteering. You, too, will help to preserve the watershed.

3. Shop Wisely: Bring a reusable shopping bag to use less waste.

4. Do not release toxins into our rivers: In the home and workplace, use non-toxic chemicals.

5. Drive More: Bike Less

6. Use Long-lasting light bulbs: Light bulbs that consume less energy minimize greenhouse gas pollution. Also, remember to switch off the lights when you exit the room.

7. Choose Sustainable: Environmental sustainability is characterized as conscientious contact with the environment in order to prevent resource loss or destruction and to provide for long-term environmental quality.

8. Plant a Tree: Trees supply both calories and oxygen to the environment. They aid in the conservation of oil, the purification of the environment, and the mitigation of climate change.

9. Conserve Water: The less water you utilize, the less pollution and sediment that ends up in the environment.

10. Educate: You will help others realize the worth and significance of our natural resources by strengthening your own knowledge.

11. Make Pet Snuffle Mat: You can create these soft and warm snuffle mats for your pets out of waste plastic bags and clothing.

12. Clean your Locality: Start a cleaning campaign with your relatives or friends to clear up the chaos in your neighborhood and locality. Often, raise consciousness with the slogan "Clean Earth, Green Earth."

13. Bring home a Solar Device: The utilization of green energies, such as solar energy, will help to offset the use of a traditional energy supply. Build a solar panel, solar water heater, or solar oven this Earth Day to conserve money and resources.

14. Organize an Environment-Friendly Dinner: An environmentally conscious dinner is a novel way to commemorate Earth Day while still helping to conserve our mother earth. At home, you should prepare a candlelit dinner using biodegradable utensils.

15. Earth Day Recipe Activity: Make earth day special recipes for your children, such as earth-shaped jelly balls, green salad, earth-shaped cookies and cupcakes, and so on.

As a result, restoring our mother earth is crucial for a variety of factors, including the preservation of the ozone layer, the survival of food chains for both livestock and people, the preservation of freshwater, and the proper utilization of nonrenewable energy.

- A Blog by Keshav Goyal