Vaccine: The booster!

The blank page is like a disease so let’s filled it with letters i.e. good health. Disease caused due to some kind of infection, heredity, or false diet. If we want to stay fit and healthy we must have to maintain our health. Health is a state of being completely mental, physical well-being. The diseases occur due to some kind of infection in the body, so we just have to keep our body clean and this takes place in the body with the help of the immune system. The immune system protects us against pathogens in our body and immunity means the ability of the body to eliminate foreign substances. There are 2 types of immunity i.e. Innate immunity and Acquired immunity.

Innate immunity is a natural kind of immunity that is inborn so it helps the body to fight against microorganisms. Let’s take the latest example of innate immunity i.e. COVID-19. In some patients who are suffering from this infection get cured without any medication.

Acquired immunity is the kind of immunity where individuals acquire during their life. It is produced against a specific antigen. This immunity acquired artificially by an individual after taking a vaccination. Vaccines contain live or dead but attenuated pathogens. Let’s take the example of this immunity i.e. COVID-19. Worldwide the mission of “research on covid vaccine” takes place.

Vaccination is a major role in our life. For constructing any kind of vaccines they must be stable, safe, low cost, and long-term immunity.

How vaccines work:

· A dead or weakened version of the vaccine is given to someone in a vaccine.

· The small scale virus infection raises the body’s alarm. It produces virus-fighting antibodies that stick around even after the practice battle is won.

· When the body kills the real-deal virus, those antibodies are already primed and ready to fight for the body’s health.

For the production of vaccine 7-10 years are needed because it consists of some stages like clinical development, pre-clinical stage, manufacturing, quality control, quantity measures, approval, marketing, and selling.

Some examples of vaccines are as follows,

· To cure mumps, MMR, or MMRV vaccine is used.

· To cure poliomyelitis, a polio vaccine is used.

· To cure rabies, a rabies vaccine is used.

When you are infected with any virus, first of all, stay away from people with the common cold or any other symptoms. And regular hand washing with sanitizer or soap can also control the spread of disease.

Blog author: Vibhawari Rajendra Lavane


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