Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

Bird flu which is also known as avian influenza can primarily infect birds and then attack humans. This flu spread by comes in contact with birds and then it also pass from human to human. But the chances of getting infected by birds to humans are rare. There are too many types of bird flu are identified, but a few strains that infect a human are H5N1 and H7N9. Naturally, the bird flu occurs in wild waterfowl and spread into chickens, geese, ducks, and turkey. The disease transmitted via bird feces or secretion from the nose, eyes, and mouth.

In various states, the outbreaks of this flu have been confirmed like Kerala, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. Recently in Maharashtra’s Parbhani district, the death of around 900 hens in the last few days is confirmed. And this death has been confirmed as bird flu.

Bird flu in people:

As we discussed before, humans catch this flu from birds that are I’ll or sick or infected by this flu. This a rare situation where humans infected by bird flu. There are some of the situations from which infection takes place and those cases are,

1) Contaminated surface:

This case occurs when a person comes in contact with a place where an infected bird already was there. Some times birds flap their wings or maybe by their feces the infection occurs

2) Bird flu virus in the air:

This case occurs when the bird flap their wings, by shaking hands with them or by scratching i.e the birds use this for removing the dust particles from the body or for cleaning and aligned their feathers

3) Direct contact:

This case occurs when you play with a bird i.e. indirectly you touching the viruses and then touching the eyes, mouth, and nose. And from these regions, the virus enters into your body and infection takes place

Symptoms of bird flu:

1) Cough

2) Headache

3) Body pain

4) Runny nose

5) Difficulty in breathing


For treating this flu, antiviral medicines are useful because there is no vaccine available in public to cure the disease. This causes the effect of illness less severe. There is a vaccine for H5N1 bird flu and when there is an outbreak of this flu this vaccine is helpful worldwide

Blog Author: Vibhawari Rajendra Lavane


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