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Publish Your Blog with is a blooming blogging site with thousands of viewers from agriculture and allied field domain. We are allowing users to submit their articles and blogs. Please read the following guidelines.

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Guest Blogging Guidelines.

Guidelines for submitting your blog proposal

  • We consider positive, forward-looking articles covering information communication and technology used in agriculture. Agriculture is as defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization for example includes nutrition, forestry, fisheries, aquaculture, rural development, biotechnology and environment.

  • The ideal submission is a well-argued, well-written original post of between 500 -800 words. Longer, more in-depth articles will also be considered.

  • All facts, data and case studies must be referenced from respected and reliable sources, through links.

  • Articles may be submitted in English only.

  • You must include pictures. As a minimum, we encourage you to include one 200px wide image to be used as a thumbnail on the e-Agriculture home page. Other images should be 600px wide. We also accept infographics and videos submitted as part of the post. The author is responsible for getting necessary image copyright clearances for these media.

  • You must have usage rights for all media included in the submission and they should all be properly attributed.

  • All submitted articles are subject to editorial scrutiny, you must acknowledge and flag any mistakes as soon as they have been identified.

  • Do not try to convey too much information in one post - think of one or two key points that you want the reader to take away after reading your post.

  • The following footer should be posted beneath all blogs. “The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent FAO’s views, positions, strategies or opinions.”

  • While all care will be an exercise to check with content owners; AgriExplorer reserves the exclusive right to decide on what should be published and how it should be published on its platforms.

  • You should share only the Editable document file of your article including appropriate images.


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